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Huntington Association ManagementFor over 25 years, Huntington Association Management has been an association management and marketing resource for non-profits, arts, and professional associations. Whether you seek an executive director, marketing of your special event, or desire an entire staff of administrative or marketing personnel, Huntington Association Management will meet your needs.

These are challenging times and you deserve the best professional guidance in nonprofit management. Huntington Association Management has carried out membership growth campaigns and annual events, board meetings, education programs, and industry expos.

Business associations and charitable organizations deserve professional management of business activities, financial matters, membership records and special events. Huntington clients experience significantly less expense than the cost of hiring employees and leasing office space. Our clients enjoy a wide array of services performed on time. It’s time to have professional services replacing well meant but inconsistent volunteer work and means more efficiency for your organization.

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Voice search is shifting how to market: Siri and Alexa know

You know that Google is rating your Internet presence by how your mobile site comes up. So, you’ve reworked your site to be the most relevant to your targets as possible across all devices. Now make sure your keywords are not only specific to your company or organization, but are broader to match with those using voice search. Yes, Siri and Alexa are now doing the searches.

Voice is an important shift. The new age of search is about context. It’s about speaking in a sentence. So the new term is semantic search. Search engines must now comprehend the intent of the searcher by the voice query which may be entire complete sentences, not just a word.

We’re not suggesting putting white papers on your site but we do see that having more conversational copy, short tutorials, and prominent testimonials may match better with a voice search. Okay, we get that this is more work. But continuously reworking your main and inside pages is what we should all be doing anyway.

Bottom line? It’s all about being found when someone wants you. Now with voice searches, people are less apt to go to the second or third on the list as they would if they were at their laptop. Think about it.

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