Board Training

Time to Re-invigorate Your Board?

  • Board training is vital for every charity and nonprofit association.
  • Few directors come to a board seat with experience.
  • Your members and supporters deserve a well-advised board.
  • Is it time to help your board members be more professional?
  • Board training gives your organization the best chance of success.
  • Being a board member is a job, not a hobby. Know the job.
  • If you make decisions about member funds, you should have board training.
  • Your D & O insurance may be lowered with professional board training.
  • Make a board training session part of your annual retreat.

BOARD TRAINING – 3 hour session

Your place or ours?

Up to 6 directors at our Pasadena office …$1600
Any number of directors at your location …$1900
(Plus travel expense)
Includes power point presentation with augmented delivery.
Presentation is edited to reflect your industry or group make up.

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We customize our presentation to serve your needs!

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