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Bringing on a new board member? Look for emotional intelligence.

Those on the board of directors of a company or organization are assumed to be leaders in their field, have a sizable depth of experience in leadership and are ready to share those characteristics with peers and supporters. Directors should be ready to lead their association into the future using current success and creative thinking for the years to come.

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So, you need a new board member, eh?

Over many years of working with associations from all segments of the for profit and not for profit worlds, we’ve seen the process of adding a board member deteriorate. Often there are very few in the organization who want to volunteer. And, those who are willing to become directors may not have the experience or personal traits that will

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Does your organization have a code of ethics? Better late than never.

It doesn’t look like the accusations of everything from ill-mannered discussion to rape will slow down anytime soon. New is coming from all sectors of our population. Careers and families are being affected in ways we could not have imagined just a few short weeks ago. What might have been considered good natured horsing around is now

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Start your association’s year off right with board training

As a board member of your association or nonprofit organization, it can be fun and very gratifying to be able to lend you volunteer time and talents. Awesome. It broadens your personal and business relationship base, and can give positive visibility for you and the company you work for. But, do you really know what you’ve gotten yourself into?

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Nothing is forever: How will you disrupt your association’s paralysis?

As we work with our client associations on their 2018 plan details, I’m pulling out a little nugget of advice from Peter Drucker: “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

Association management is not for the timid, at least it shouldn’t be. Sure, our clients expect us to handle the business of running what is, essentially, their business.

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Amid the year-end reviewing must be a plan

Every association board has met by now and reviewed their 2017 goals for the organization. Most were met. Some, not. So, what’s going to be different next year? What if associations helped solve their industries’ problems? Boy, wouldn’t that bring in legions of nonmembers?

65% of business executives are optimistic about their own companies’ prospects for next year. Most of them feel they will expand quarter over quarter.

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What are the big mistakes an association board makes?

There are many ways to measure a Board of Directors’ effectiveness with financial health of the organization right up top with a growing membership. But, few understand that much thought should go into what we call Board Best Practices. Here are just a few mistakes we’ve seen in our work with new association boards.

Not being aware of demographics –

Everyday 10,000 baby boomers turn 65. That means that in 2020, 70 million people will cross that threshold. What does this mean for your association and your board? Do you have a good balance of ages, years in the industry, and diverse perspectives? Who is near retirement on your board?

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We are the EMTs of the association world: Is your association near death?

Have you waited too long to get professional help? As a popular commercial script goes, “we’ve seen a thing or two.” Entering our third decade of working with nonprofits and business associations, we, too, have some stories.

We are always happy to be brought in as the association management firm when a board has decided it’s time for a change. This last year or two have kept our phones busy because as the economy strengthens so do the industry associations. Members join up again looking for value. What if their board has not built value?

Boards can put their associations out of business in several ways. The loudest death chime rings when nobody cares; when everyone thinks the other board members are going to take care of things.

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Does your board have one bad apple?

Over the years, we’ve seen some inexplicable behavior. Usually, it’s when change is underway. There are some basic truths and one is that change is hard. Boards and their staff can come through even radical changes successfully as long as everyone is on board.

But, what if one of the board

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