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Is your association losing members? How will 2019 be better?

It’s no wonder that Board of Directors and Executive Directors all over the nation are worried. Concern about membership, both retention and acquisition, is not new. One thing making retention of members a critical issue nowadays are those darned baby boomers. It’s that generation who arguably invented the networking we’ve known for decades. And, they founded most of the existing associations. They are leaving the workforce faster than we can collect data. Retiring from work = retiring from their associations.

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Driving association membership: Everyone wants members, but do they want you?

Is it time for a reboot? A rethink on what a business association is? Who belongs? Why?

How do we fill the room? Nearly everything is different about the association strategies and operations today from what they were just five years ago … ten years ago, for certain. Are we in association management and those who serve on boards changing? Do we have the nerve to upend business-as-usual? Associations are businesses, after all. Businesses must morph. But, that’s not what I’m seeing. Are the answers with the newest generation?

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You’ve been asked to sit on a board. Time to dig.

Do what you would do if you were being offered a job with a company. The people offering you the board seat have apparently decided you have something they need. If you are wise, there are many things to do and many questions to ask before accepting the offer. Here are just a few:

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Conferences are so last decade. Or are they?

As an association management company, we set up board conference calls, committee zoom meetings, community forums, online education sessions, and, of course, webinars. All this nonpersonal interaction is certainly efficient and money saving. These contemporary forms of getting together will continue to thrive for all the reasons we know. But I guess you already know where we’re going with this. Yup, nothing beats a hug.

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What do you want from an association management company?

“Siri, grow our membership.” “Siri, make our event a success.” Oh, if it were just that easy. Association Management companies are often selected for their administrative and financial management, but most have no marketing or special event expertise. This means there will be more money spent hiring copywriters, graphic artists, social media mavens, fundraisers and event managers.

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Think you know how to network at association events?

We’ve done annual member surveys and the opportunity to network comes in as number 1 or 2 each time. Do you make the most of your time at events? Don’t squander the chance to make a new connection. Don’t just hang with those you know.

Even the seasoned business person can use a refresher.

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Is your association attractive to young people?

There are lots of articles on what millennial’s want and don’t want. And, before typing one more sentence, a reasonable disclaimer must be made: Not every label fits all listed beneath it. But, trends don’t lie and there are things to be learned, then applied to associations and how they may be tied to membership.

With so many young adults priced way out of home ownership, the time and money typically spent by those young folks on home projects and repairs is being

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Fundraising tips from the art world: Buy, hold, hold longer, sell?

No, we’re not talking about stocks, real estate, or even bitcoins. The estate of David Rockefeller has proved challenging for those who are attempting to distribute the wealth according to his and his wife, Peggy’s wishes. One thing’s for sure; Rockefeller knew what he was doing.

In May, Christie’s will auction off Rockefeller’s collection. It will take at least a week. The Standard Oil Company heir bought art he loved to look at and, while he knew his acquisitions would grow in worth, he lived long enough (passing away at 101) to

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So, how’s that New Year’s Resolution coming along?

Was this the year you were finally going to get serious about a social media strategy for your association, really serious? Like assigning real budget dollars to staff to do the work? Like charting your communication channels, setting a firm schedule, and mapping your successes and setbacks (that is, if you know how to measure those)? This task is very time consuming and valuable to your member communication, but it can’t be done without an additional budget.

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